Freedom and Purpose

It is for freedom that you came – it is for freedom that you redeem us, that we might walk that path of true freedom, where we are fully submitted to you (Gal 5:1). It is for freedom that you died, that we will never be subject to the whims of the enemy but advance your kingdom, and live eternally from now on, through eternity and beyond

You came and died for us to stand with one another in the pain, in the uncertainty, in waiting, in what seems hopeless, so that as we stand and look to you, our hope is found in you. Hope is found in the person of Christ. We overcome because you came to stand with us! Emmanue, God is with us! And we forever stake that ground for you, for your loved ones, for your Kingdom – that the enemy might never again raise his head in that area, ever again!

It is for victory that you came, the victory that overcomes this world (1 John 5). Such victory enables us to completely wipe out counterfeit gods, destroying the altars of hopelessness, perfectionism and the deadly virus of comparison. Such victory gives us hope and courage to rest in you, to trust that you are safe, to trust that you have our good at heart.

So we come in that freedom and in that victory to cut the chains of deception, hurt, unforgiveness, condemnation, wrong perspectives, etc. We receive your conviction and we embrace it, knowing this is why you came, so that we will become all that you intend us to i.e. to be transformed into Christlikeness

You came that we will have a place to stand, to stand against the accusations of the enemy, and thrive as we advance your Kingdom. And so we stand with you. All we are is a platofrm for us to declare the goodness and greatness of the King Eternal. We stand upon the heights with secure footing and feet like that of the deer to advance the truth about the Almighty and eradicate the lies of the enemy. The lies about value, worth, and the future.

We will not be subject to the ways of the enemy and we will not be discouraged for the Almighty rejoices over us (Zeph 3:16-17)

In the midst of such freedom and victory, we can truly be fully submitted to you, and totally abandoned with you. After which comes this deep, full and overflowing satisfaction in you. Armed with such a way of life, we can fully partner with you to display your awesomeness as we enjoy you forever!

Freedom and Purpose